Nova Scotia, May 30 – The Nova Scotia Community Access Program (NSCAP) has received $58,650 from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) to fund a new project, “Connecting Our Elders: Mobile Technology for Seniors”. This project was developed to ensure senior citizens can easily discover and make use of online information and communicate using mobile devices. The program provides orientation, training, and support in the use of these technologies. Using the existing NSCAP network, this program will be available to the 167,000 Nova Scotians aged 65 and over through 50 community based sites.

CIRA manages the .CA domain and also has a mandate to carry out other activities that support the Internet in Canada. Earlier this year, CIRA launched a Community Investment Program (CIP), to provide funding to community groups, not-for-profits and academic institutions for projects they could demonstrate would enhance the Internet for the benefit of all Canadians. Just over $1 million was earmarked for the first edition of the CIP.

The Nova Scotia Community Access Program is one of only 28 organizations to receive funding in the first edition of the CIP, from among 129 applicants. These funds will be used to improve web access, online services, and safety to a large and growing sector of the population who is within the digital divide. Older adults encounter many barriers when it comes to using mobile devices to access the Internet. Issues such as choosing the best device, understanding the technology, finding useful applications, and accessing ongoing support, all contribute to their negative experience with the Internet. With assistance from the CIRA funding, NSCAP proposes to move this experience to the positive.

“We thank CIRA for recognizing how important our project is to seniors in Nova Scotia,” said Eric Stackhouse, Chair of NSCAP. “We will certainly put these funds to good use and welcome the opportunity to work with CIRA again in the future on initiatives that allow Canadians to safely take advantage of all the Internet has to offer.”

“The enthusiastic response we saw from applicants across the country is evidence of CIRA’s long-standing conviction that the Internet has become a critical daily tool in the lives of all Canadians,” said Byron Holland, CEO of CIRA. “Our selection committee faced a difficult task to review and choose from among 129 applications, representing more than $6.8 million in requests. I want to personally congratulate the Nova Scotia Community Access Program as one of our first funding recipients.”

The list of CIP recipients and summaries of their individual projects is available on CIRA’s website.



The Nova Scotia Community Access Program (NSCAP) connects people to technology, training and opportunities to open doors locally, nationally, and worldwide for growth and development. NSCAP has several ongoing province-wide projects such as the introduction of 3D printing, robotics clubs for youth, and small business technology training.


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About CIRA

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) manages the .CA top-level domain, Canada’s online identifier, on behalf of all Canadians. A Member-driven organization, CIRA also facilitates the development of a better Internet for all Canadians, and represents the .CA registry internationally.

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