About CAP

The Community Access Program, or CAP, began in 1995 as a national initiative to ensure all Canadians had access to the Internet. This has remained the central mission of CAP even as the Internet has become more widely available. Many citizens cannot access this vital communications network either due to cost, lack of access to high speed, or insufficient computer skills in an every changing technology landscape.

In Nova Scotia, from the very beginning, CAP was a community development initiative as well. How can technology be used to make our communities great places to live and work? Thousands of small and large projects, from website development to small business training have been carried out in our sites, providing training, skills development, and more. NSCAP has also focused on new technology introduction, including multimedia production, GPS, and robotics. If a community has an idea that technology could help with, their local CAP site and network was there to help.

Over time CAP sites in Nova Scotia formed into regional networks. Sharing and cooperation became the foundation of each of the 13 regional networks that make up NSCAP. Each of these regional network is comprised of dedicated Board members, a Regional Coordinator, staff, youth interns, volunteers, partners, and, of course, our users. We all believe in value of this program and what it provides to the communities that it serves in Nova Scotia.

In 2007 the regional networks came together to form a province wide association, NSCAP, with a mandate to further the work of the networks. Since this time NSCAP has developed two strategic plans.

In April 2013 the NSCAP Association changed its name to the NSCAP Council and is now an advisory body to the Nova Scotia Minister of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism.